Creative & Functional

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Utilizing Space for Display

I have a large collection of Natural Rock Spheres. I just love them. Rocks remind me of hunting for them as a child. I would grab my empty coffee can and roam the desert for specimens that I could take to show my grandpa.

So, here I am years later and in need of a place to put them. And I wanted to show them off. I confess that I have too many to display.

I took a 4″ x 4″ piece of wood and cut it down to accommodate small and large spheres against the wall. Then I stained them with a dark mahogany varnish. I stained them a bit afterward with a black tint and matte varnished the result.

I plan to paint the wall behind them in a cool gray. Anyway, there’s always something we can do to spruce up the house in a functional way.

Happy Creating!